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We are
always working to improve our products.
We believe there is always room for improvement.
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Our priority
is to give you the best deal
without any quality reduction.
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Production and delivery
of our products on time are some of our strongest traits.
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Logolar 1 300-400
Logolar 2 300-400
COSMETIC 1 300-400
COSMETIC 2 300-400
HYGIENE 2 300-400
HYGIENE 300-400
FOR PETS 300-400
FOR PETS 3 300-400
VD-40 Kapak / Cap
Poliüretan Köpük Kapağı / Polyurethane Foam Cap
FOR PETS 300-400
FOR PETS 3 300-400

plastic made better!

With our latest technology production line, we are providing and delivering high quality products that will last long.

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